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The Bliss Bibliographic Classification : schedules

Bliss Bibliographic Classification / J. Mills and Vanda Broughton. – 2nd ed.
London : Bowker-Saur, 1970-2000; K.G. Saur, 2001–
© Bliss Classification Association

The second edition of the classification will be complete in twenty-three volumes. Fourteen have been published so far, shown by dates of publication in the following list, though volumes marked * are currently out of print. Available volumes may be obtained from the publisher Walter de Gruyter or through any academic book supplier.

Some unpublished draft schedules are also listed below. Some of these have been developed by users - they are not authoritative and may be substantially changed when the definitive version is prepared, but they are made available here for those who may find them useful in the meantime. There are conflicts in notation in some of these drafts, especially in class Z, and these have yet to be resolved. Comments and suggestions are welcome and will be taken into account in future development.

1 Introduction and auxiliary schedules 1977 * ISBN: 0408708212
2/9 Generalia, phenomena, knowledge, information science & technology
A/AL Philosophy and logic 1991 ISBN: 1857390253
AM/AX Mathematics, probability, statistics 1993 ISBN: 1857390725
AY/B General science, Physics 2000 ISBN: 0408708247
C Chemistry (Available on this site in pdf format) 2012 ISBN: 978-3-598-24331-8
D/DF Astronomy (Unpublished draft available in .doc format)
DG/DY Earth sciences (Unpublished draft available in pdf format)
E/GQ Biological sciences (Unpublished incomplete draft)
G/GY Zoology. (Scanned draft schedule. 87 pages.)
GR/GZ Applied biological sciences: agriculture and ecology. (Scanned draft schedule. 4 pages.)
H Physical anthropology, human biology, health sciences. (Draft outline.) Guide. 1980 * ISBN: 040870828X
I Psychology and psychiatry 1978 * ISBN: 0408708417
J Education (Rev. ed.) 1990 ISBN: 0862912784
K Society (includes social sciences, sociology and social anthropology) 1984 * ISBN: 0408708301
L/O History (including area studies, travel and topography, and biography)
(Two unpublished drafts available in pdf format, by Haddon Library and Sidney Sussex College)
LA Archaeology (Unpublished draft available in pdf format)
P Religion, occult, morals and ethics 1977 ISBN: 0408708328
Q Social welfare and criminology (Rev. ed.) 1994 ISBN: 1857391217
R Politics and public administration 1996 ISBN: 1857390776
S Law 1996 ISBN: 1857390679
T Economics and management of economic enterprises 1987 ISBN: 0408708344
U/V Technology and useful arts (including household management and services)
(Unpublished draft available in pdf format. Scanned typescript, 145 pages.)
W The Arts (Available on this site in pdf format) 2007 ISBN: 3598243359
WV/WX Music (Unpublished draft available in pdf format)
X/Y Language and literature (Unpublished draft available in pdf format)
ZA/ZW Museology (Unpublished draft available in pdf format)