Outline of Class Q

Q6                      Research...History...Biographies
Q9            Biographies

QA         Theory and principles of social welfare
QAB I                   Psychological viewpoints...
QAC        Aims...Needs
QAE        Principles of social welfare
QAE K           Welfare state

QAG      Administration of social welfare
QAG P        Policy, social policy
QAH           Planning, social planning
QAK BN         Domestic politics, internal politics

QAP       Cooperation...Expansion

QAR X    Socioeconomic aspects

QAS B           Population...Culture...
QAS H             Social action, social behaviour...
QAS LM              Groups, social groups
QAS QJ              Families, households...
QAS PD              Ethnic groups...

QAT AA     Economic policy...economic intervention...

QAT Q     Management
QAT RQ        Administration...Organisation...
QAU              Fundraising

QAY B    Agents of social welfare

QB         Personnel in social welfare, social workers
QBG         Education, social work education
QBJ Y      Types of personnel

QC         Organisations in social welfare, social work
QCE              National organisations...
QCJ H               Social services departments
QCM               Voluntary organisations, charities

QD         Social work, practice
                   * Methods of helping
QDD         Service users, clients...
                   *For people in need see QG
QDL              Casework
QDO             Community work

QE         Social services, human services
                   *Forms of help
QEF             Day care...Respite care
QEL              Residential care...
QEN             Community care...
QEP       Information...Counselling...Advocacy
QER B           Treatment
QES B              Psychiatric care

QF           Social security, income support
QFB FK                   Benefits...

QG         People in need and Causes of need
QGM W       People at risk
QGP             Deprivation

QH         Housing
QHH           Homelessness
QHK VT         Social housing...

QIF          Social relationships as causes of need
QIR            Crime victims
QJJ             Abuse
QJP              Ethnic groups

QK              Families

QL             Children
QLJ JD           Child protection
QLL K            Foster care and adoption
QLN              Young children...Preschool children

QM             Disabilities, special needs
QMN             Mental illness
QMP             Learning disabilities
QMQ RV        Chronic illness

QN              People in trouble, social deviance...
QNS Y           Addictive behaviour, addictions
QNU                Alcohol abuse...

QO              Crime, Criminology
QOL                 Crime prevention

QP                  Police services and police work
QPD B                 Police community relations
QPE                      Criminal investigation
QPH                  Criminal justice systems

QQ                Penology, punishment of offenders
QQG               Imprisonment, custody
QQH R                Prisoners's rights and privileges...

QR                Offenders and offences
QRG G              Characteristics of offenders

QSA                Offences, criminal offences
QSB CE              Street crime
QSW                Mentally disadvantaged offenders

QT                  Young offenders, youth crime
QV         Personnel, organisatations, social work
            * Alternative (not recommended) to QB/QF

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